Everything You Need to Know About Weatherization

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Weatherization is an alternative insulation methods that provides a great opportunity to reduce energy bills. Not every house or building is the same and therefore each individual building requires energy-reducing measures based on its particular needs and within the constraints of the client’s budget.

The two major things we do:

1. Air Infiltration Sealing

In our hot and humid Climate Zone, stopping air infiltration can play a huge role in reducing energy bills. Air infiltration greatly increases our cooling and heating costs by allowing outside air to easily flow into and out of the home.

2. Sealing and Improving Ductwork

Fontenot Insulation has been testing, repairing, sealing leaky duct-work and improving systems for over ten years. As a leader in energy efficiency testing and verification Fontenot Insulation specializes in proper techniques, materials, and proven long-lasting methods to repair and/or seal duct-work, and provide superior weatherization upgrades.

Are there financial incentives?

Yes, if the home being insulated is an existing structure in Orleans Parish (Eastbank and Westbank), Fontenot Insulation, one of the original founding contractors of the New Orleans Energy Smart Energy Savings Program, offers rebates to homeowners or renters of up to $1,000 for reducing the air infiltration of the home and up to an additional $1,000 for sealing ductwork to below 10% leakage.


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