“Going Green” with Fontenot

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“Going green” … a phrase you hear a lot, but what does it mean exactly? In practice, going green means adopting five basic principles in your daily life:

1. Reduce pollution

2. Conserve resources

3. Conserve energy

4. Reduce consumption and waste

5. Protect the earth’s ecological balance

The great thing about these 5 steps is that they have become much easier to achieve.

At Fontenot Insulation we are committed to being green, and luckily insulation is inherently green because it increases the energy efficiency of homes and buildings. Studies have shown that home insulation currently saves 10.41 quadrillion BTU’s per year! “Cellulose insulation should be a preferred insulation material for environmentally concerned builders and designers.” –Environmental Bldg. News

Make it your mission to go green this year. Call Fontenot Insulation today.

17 Feb, 16

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