Blown-In Cellulose Insulation

Blown-In Cellulose Insulation

Fontenot Insulation proudly installs Blown-in Cellulose Insulation by Applegate.

Applegate Cellulose Insulation can reduce your monthly utility bills up to 40%. Applegate Insulation greatly reduces the flow of heat, but also greatly reduces the amount of outside air entering your home. When outside air enters a home it can carry the outside temperature, moisture and air pollutants into a home causing height utility bulls as well as structural damage or even health problems. By reducing air infiltration with Applegate Cellulose Insulation, keep the conditioned air in your home and the hot humid air out!

Applegate Cellulose Insulation is a premium building material that is renowned for its superior low-dust formula. The key benefit and the primary reason why Applegate developed the industry low dust formulation is that it allows for a quicker installation, allowing installers to stay on top of their game as there is less hassle and annoyance to preoccupy their minds. The reduced installation time also means that installers have less time to become physically tired, so the installation quality is generally better. This is just one of the many lessons we have learned from years of being a insulation contractor.

Applegate Cellulose is made from up to 85% recycled paper, natural dust inhibitors and fire retardants. We at Applegate mean it when we say “Naturally Better Insulation.”

Blown-in Cellulose Insulation has been a tried and true method of insulating homes for decades. Cellulose Insulation is a low-thermal conductivity material used to reduce heat loss and heat gain. Cellulose is made from recycled materials and has one of the highest percentages of post-consumer waste of any insulation type. Numerous tests have shown that Cellulose Insulation us better at preventing the spread of fire in a building than other insulation products.

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